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Why worship

 It is a short life: a paradoxically brief span of time.  Yet when you drive to church on a Sunday morning, you would think that this reality must be the circumstance of but a few.  Why bother with traffic on the twos at 9:02 am on a Sunday.  The roads are empty, void of the myriads of people obviously still in bed and unconcerned with the need to shower and shave for anything as senseless as worship.  After all, is it not absurd to think that God needs or even cares about our praise, prayers, and song?  Aren’t those who participate is these outmoded rituals living in the dark ages?  

It is absolutely true that God does not need our worship, and arrogant for us to believe otherwise.  It is, however, we who desperately need to praise, to pray, and to sing.  Why?  As we worship, we unite with others whose passionate perspective, like ours, frames life in an eternal reality.  By “going to church,” we, with the saints on earth and the saints who have gone before, stand by the waters of the stream which “makes glad this city of God.”  In worship, God, who permeates our very existence and being is purposely on our mind and in our hearts, as God ever should be but mostly is not.  Worship becomes a time and a place to reconnect with and rejoice in who we really are, a time each week to put our lives back into a healthy perspective, a place to recount life’s blessings by giving thanks.  It is a time to let the joy which bubbles forth from the awareness of God’s abiding presence out in praise, prayer and song.  As we stand by that river, we cannot do otherwise: “How Can We Keep From Singing?”  

The Joy (capital J) which fills the tempest of our being best breaks forth from us in song.  Music conveys that which cannot otherwise be expressed.  We are moved and we are changed when all that we have: heart, mind, and soul is poured into one song, sung joined and lifted by thousands surging forth in the same stream, the same river by which all saints stand undivided by the power conquered by Jesus Christ on Easter.  

The water is waiting.  You’ll eventually get in.  Let down the bars which divide you from “the rest.”  You’re in the choir: one joyful choir- singing your prayer and praise directing all that you have and all that you are to The Audience.  “Let every power in me implanted arise, keep silence now no more.”  May every church have “a thousand voices” and may those Sunday morning traffic reports become worth listening to.    

Posted by Jeff Fowler at 7:30 AM
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