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Why We Sing

It is both a pleasure and an honor to lead the singers who choose to make music in this time and at this place.  We are many.  We are varied in experience and circumstance but come together through the joy of singing choral music.  Music so designed is the medium that binds us even more than faith!  It opens the door to deeper understanding and joy.  Every singer comes with a personal belief as unique as their life.   In the moment music is made, there is a singleness of purpose which transcends personal condition redirecting the focus we walked into the room with to matters outside of ourselves.  

When singing, all that we have: mind, body and soul, is redirected toward one goal, a goal which can only be attained when many join in like manner to form one choir singing as one voice.  As a faith based choir we understand ourselves as singing for greater purpose, a purpose which moves us in small ways toward glimpses of revelation.  God is ever present, and in some wonderful moments, the walls to this awareness become less thick.  For the singer thus aware, all the expended work, expense, and energy become more than worthwhile.  This is why we sing!

Posted by Jeff Fowler at 6:00 AM
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3/24/2013 at 08:41 PM by KarenB

It is both a pleasure and an honor to be part of such a special group of people as the WPC choir. Music is an obvious outward ministry to others but it is also a healing ministry to the self. Just yesterday someone asked me who else has been raised from the dead, other than Jesus? Like, why did it only happen that one time? Of course, we think of Lazarus and other miracle stories in the Bible, but the problem is that they are thought of as "miracles." But then I remembered that God has raised me from the dead and the music has been a part of that ongoing process. So there. I will keep on singing!

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