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Who do you say I am, Part 3? Jesus as King

This Sunday is the final Sunday of the Christian year.  (Advent starts next Sunday and with it a whole new liturgical year.)  This Sunday is called Christ the King Sunday, and during worship we will emphasize Jesus' kingship in worship.  It is fitting to do so at the end of the year as a sign that we expect the culmination of all the years to end with  Jesus enthroned as King of king and Lord of lords.

What exactly do we mean though when we say Christ is King?  Part of it is that he is the one who rules over the kingdom of God.  Part of it is that he is King--not Caesar, nor Elizabeth II, nor Elvis.  Part of it is that he re-defines what a king is to be.  In our reformed theology, the office of king is part of the three-fold office (see prior blogs on Who Do You Say I Am?), the three offices in the old testament wherein the inhabitant was anointed for special purpose.  We talk about the three-fold office of Jesus (prophet, priest, and king) so that we don't reduce Jesus to just one thing.  He shows us the way to live within God's covenant (prophet), he is the worthy sacrifice for our sins (and according to Hebrews also the priest who offers it).  He is the one who has conquered sin and death (as a king does).  Below, you'll find the Confirmation for the Rest of Us podcast wherein I teach about Jesus as king.  Listen to it before Sunday and then come sing "Crown Him with Many Crowns" as the year comes to a close.  


Posted by Casey Thompson at 2:30 PM
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