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What’s Happening at The Common Place?

Since early October Aisha and I have been at The Common Place two days a week. Some days we spend with partners in Southwest Philadelphia, getting to know our neighbors and dreaming together about what The Common Place can mean for this community.  Some days we spend with our Church Planting Coach, learning from his experience and planning for the future. Some days we spend with members of our WPC family, introducing them to this place and watching in awe as God brings different communities together. A lot is happening at the Common Place! Here are some of the highlights from the past month and a half:


 On October 5th one of the Saturday of Service teams from WPC served at The Common Place alongside members of New Spirit Community Presbyterian Church and students and teachers from Cornerstone Christian Academy. Together we stocked New Spirit’s food pantry and cleaned the pews so New Spirit could worship in the sanctuary on October 6th. 


Throughout October Cornerstone Christian Academy held their weekly chapel service in the sanctuary at The Common Place. The children were very excited to worship in this space!


Roofers began their work in late October, ensuring that The Common Place will have a leak-proof roof before winter! Thanks to WPC Elder and building manager, Peter Grim, for all he is doing to help get the building safe, dry, and warm.  


 The Common Place’s prayer partner, Wendy Walters, and others from WPC came to pray at The Common Place on October 30th. Along with some New Spirit members, we walked through the building, praying over the space and for the ministry that has happened and that will happen there. It was powerful to stand with sisters and brothers from both faith communities to pray for the Spirit’s blessing upon this shared ministry!


With the help of men from the Outley House in Southwest Philadelphia, Peter Grim organized a clean-out on November 15th. The building is getting closer and closer to being ready for renovation!

If you’re interested in learning more about what’s happening at The Common Place, ask Aisha or me or Elders Peter Grim or Doug McBrearty. We’d love to tell you about it! Thank you for keeping this ministry in your prayers and let us know if you want to join us for a day at the Common Place!



Posted by Sudie Thompson at 3:30 PM
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