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What Can Curiosity Do For You?

My best friend TC has a theory that what makes a person brilliant is not raw intelligence or book smarts.  Rather, brilliance only comes with curiosity.  A person can have all the raw intelligence in the world but if they are not curious, they can never be truly brilliant.

Ever since he suggested this theory to me, I’ve been thinking about all the different ways curiosity can improve my life.  For one thing, I have a temper and I tend to get angry about stupid things (it’s good to get angry about certain things, just not the things I sometimes get angry about).  What I’m trying to do instead of getting angry is get curious about those things that make me angry.

Consider those people who drive slowly in the left lane.  In the past (and even still sometimes in the present), I would get angry and in my anger think, “Why won’t this idiot move over?!  Don’t they know the left lane is for passing?!”  Now, I’m trying to be curious: “I wonder why this person is driving slowly in the left lane.  Perhaps there’s a screaming child in the backseat and they’re distracted.  Or maybe they’re going to exit at the left exit in two miles and the Schuylkill expressway makes them anxious so they got over when they had the chance.  Maybe they’re on the way to an appointment with the doctor and aren't paying attention because they're concerned with what may happen when they get there.”

Or maybe they’re just being a jerk and driving slowly in the left lane to annoy me.

But even if that’s the case, curiosity, instead of unproductive anger, can help us have compassion, empathy, and understanding.

I think my friend is right that curiosity is the key to brilliance.  But I also think curiosity helps us love each other well and I think you need curiosity to begin to understand the holy mysteries of the faith.

What can curiosity do for you?


-Andy Greenhow

Posted by Sarah Hostetter at 10:28 AM
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