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Transformation Through Someone Else's Story

When we meet another person, many times we create a story for them.  By the time you begin a conversation with someone you have never met, you already have created a number of assumptions well before you say, “Hello my name is…”  One of our youth said in Sunday School one morning a very profound statement, “Whenever you meet someone, remember you may know their name, but not their story.” 

As we prepare to embark on this journey across the water on our intergenerational mission trip to the Dominican Republic, to work alongside a Haitian and Dominican community of believers, we have begun to talk about the assumptions we have for the community.  Now some of these things are not assumptions but known facts, and are important for preparation.  An interesting conversation we have discussed frequently is the wording we use when we talk about serving two thirds world countries.  Assumptions limit our ability to be open to transformation through other people.  As our group goes to the DR, it would be easy for us to assume, that these brothers and sisters need us to save them, because of their socio-economic status, but if we let go of these stereotypes and assumptions that we hold in the back of our heads, we will be the ones who come home changed.   

While in class, our teachers played this TED talk, about a woman in Africa who is a story teller.  She really articulates the idea that we never know someone else’s story, until we know their stories first hand. Click this link to watch this inspirational TED Talk.

Together lets be quicker to listen to each other’s story, “reject the single story and regain a kind of paradise.”

Posted by Sarah Hostetter at 6:00 AM
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