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To The Church of Reluctant Risk Takers…

This past February, I had the pleasure of serving with my brother and co-conspirator in the ministry, Rev. Bill Golderer, at the NEXT CHURCH conference. We talked about the risky business of serving on a "church-initiated" administrative commission. We talked about the courage it takes to invite DIFFERENT people into your space to help cast a vision and implement change in the church and in the world. We got a little personal as I confessed my apprehension of becoming friends with yet "another" powerful white man in society. Many of my dear friends told me that "I needed to be friends with Bill Golderer". In my mind, I literally did not have time for that, as Sweet Brown would say.  

Creating friendships in ministry calls for a whole new level of risk taking. In order to move into that "spiritual risk-taking space", I had to confess to sin of knowing it all and having it all figured out. I had to let go of how I understood God to work in the lives of God's own children. I had to listen to the movement of the Spirit. And I can testify that my life is better for having been obedient and gaining a friend and a brother in the ministry.

This business of being a risk taker for God leads me to excitement and neurosis all at the same time. I like new things, creative adventures, and uncharted waters. But as soon as I take that step out of the boat, I begin to look around and assess the situation. Will this really work? Am I crazy? Lord did you really call me to this? Can't I just work at a coffee shop and lead a Bible Study on a Thursday night? Every new movement I have made in ministry leads me to leap for joy and then quickly look for a place to lay down so I don't lose my lunch. But here's the best part, God can handle all of my creative quirks and use them for God's good purpose and glory. The Lord isn't worried about the perfection of my process. The Lord is simply pleased that I'm still in the game. The Lord loves it that we still talk. The Lord is overjoyed that I will entertain new and exciting ways to serve, even if there are challenges and obstacles along the way. To put is simply, The Lord loves me, no matter what.  

Friends, I am a reluctant risk-taker for Christ. And if you are too, raise your cup of mint tea or glass of Malbec and have a toast with me. It's OK to be excited, nervous, ready, cautious, doubtful and daring. The Lord loves you. Period. The Lord knows your gifts. And The Lord will use them for some amazing things that have yet to come. ~ A.


Incubating New Communities-Bill Golderer and Aisha Brooks Lytle from NEXT Church on Vimeo.


Posted by Aisha Brooks-Lytle at 1:56 PM
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4/1/2013 at 09:58 PM by KarenB

A toast to you, fellow risk taker.

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