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To Miss the Mark

In Greek class this morning Professor Watson introduced to us a way of thinking about sin.  She was teaching us the Greek version of different common words in the Bible.  This morning, like the last few mornings, her wisdom really captivated me.  While the teaching assistant helped us review the 1st declension feminine nouns, the word “hamartia” came up.  Professor Watson quickly interjected with a story about archery.  Now, the word "hamartia" is a Greek word that means sin, but in archery this term means, "to miss the mark".  She continued talking about archery, and showed us how you shoot an arrow.  She said the number one thing about archery that many people don’t know is that when shooting an arrow, you always aim just slightly above your target.  Sometimes it is hard to tell how much above the target you should aim, but it is much easier with a partner who can help you judge how to shoot it. 

During this discourse, my mind began to wander back to our church and our youth.  I thought about what would happen to their faith if they did not have a faith community to fall back on.  It is beautiful to think of the Church as a community of believers, with one common goal of living out the Gospel, and helping each other’s “accuracy”.  Not only do we need to be held accountable as Christians, but we need to be in fellowship for support and encouragement. 

This past year during our High School Retreat, I asked the question to our youth, “Can you be a Christian or disciple if you are not in any community of believers?”  Now I am a firm believer that God is a big God and can work in anyone’s heart under any circumstance.  But what I was trying to drive home was, God calls us to be in community with believers, not only for support and encouragement, but to help with our aim and accuracy on living out God’s will for our lives.  To my surprise many of the youth disagreed and said it was very possible to be a Christian and not be part of a Christian Community.  This conversation that was only supposed to last 30 minutes, soon turned into 3 hours, we even had to skip “Man Hunt” because the conversation soon hit great depths.  What the youth didn’t realize was that they have never had to think about being a Christian without youth group, or without a church.  They didn’t see at first that many parts of processing their faith happen while in a community of believers.  Without these friends from youth group to call, or parents who are grounded in faith, being a Christian would be a lot harder.  They saw that this is a place where they could come for guidance, wisdom on direction, and a place they could come to help them process if they are missing the mark.

What I saw from this simple  illustration is that without this community of believers we would lack God’s hands and voice in our life, we would lack the ability to be corrected and to see that we missed our mark.  Mostly, we would lack the support and encouragement when we face trials and obstacles, when we face death, or sickness, and when we face anger, and envy.  May this reflection encourage you to be the hands and voice for God to others, and be grateful for those who are the hands and voice of God in your life.   

Posted by Sarah Hostetter at 9:30 AM
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