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The Internet Diet - We Are What We Eat

There is an old saying that, “you are what you eat.”  The health nuts around us can tell you how true this is for your physical health.  I would argue that this is has been never more true than now when we consider our media consumption.  Anyone who has any form of interaction with teens know that they know the internet better than Lewis and Clarke knew the woods.  In a NY Times article I read, appropriately titled “If Your Kids Are Awake, They’re Probably Online,” it cites that kids between the ages of 8 and 18 spend more than 7.5 hours a day on iphones, tablets, computers, droids, TVs, and other such electronic devises, and they multitask enough to actually spend 11 total hours of media consumption in during those 7.5 hours.  

There are a lot of things we could discuss regarding the internet that would be worth while, such as the merits of it as a whole or its impacts on the life of our children and teens, but we will have to have those conversations later.  Today I want to just highlight what our youth are doing on the internet.  

It is very fitting that while I was on Facebook last night I stumbled upon a post from a youth ministry friend of mine who was promoting a blog he wrote about Facebook losing its popularity among teens.  He shared a link to this site that describes the 11 sites and apps teens are heading to from Facebook.  I don’t want to startle you parents, but several of these sites I have never even heard of!  In this article though, it quickly summarizes each site or app, explains why it is popular among teens, and what parents ought to know regarding it.  I strongly encourage you to read it!

Literally every single week a youth tells me about a website, youtube clip, or vine that I need to check out.  Most of it is hilarious, inspirational, or informational.  But, it doesn’t take more than a couple minutes on any of most popular websites to find pointless, dark and disturbing content.  As Dorothy Gambrell notes, “If television’s a babysitter, the Internet is a drunk librarian who won’t shut up.”  Parents, teachers, and other adults, we need to take time to explore what our youth are consuming online these days because, whether we understand it or not,  it is helping to define who they are and who they will become. ~ Andrew

Posted by Andrew Hostetter at 7:30 AM
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