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The Common Worship Experience #kidled #pastorapproved

Worship at The Common Place

For the past few months, Sudie and I have been working with students from Cornerstone Christian Academy to develop a worship leadership team for a new worship service at the The Common Place called “The Common Worship Experience”. We talked to the kids about the general order of a worship service and the importance of leading God’s people in worship and pointing them to the truth we find in Christ.

We spent our first few sessions discussing the things we enjoy about worship and the things we find difficult. Some of them didn’t want services that were too long. Many of them expressed the joys of hearing the choir sing or listening to the pastor deliver a strong sermon. We all agreed that worship should not be boring and should be uplifting and encouraging. We talked about the gifts that God has given each of us and how we are called to use them to strengthen the body of Christ. We divided the parts of the worship service and discussed the language and songs and expression that would makes sense for a youth led worship experience.

While all of our youth know the power and truth of the gospel, some of them don’t have a regular church home to call their own. The vision for the Common Worship Experience (CWE for short) is to have a service that is “kid led”, “pastor approved”, and a place where children and youth are welcomed and valued.  We hope that folks from all walks of life will be renewed and encouraged by seeing youth in worship while feeling the presence of God. We are inviting Cornerstone Christian Academy students and parents, families from Wayne Pres and New Spirit, members of the community, and anyone who would like to get their praise on!

We invite you to join us for the first of our monthly services, Sunday evening, April 27th at 5pm at The Common Place, 5736 Chester Avenue. You can dress up or you can dress down. You can lift your hands in praise or sit quietly and meditate on the goodness of the Lord. No matter who you are or where you are from, we invite you to come.  Come and experience God’s goodness and grace during this night of worship, prayer, and praise to our God.

~ Aisha

Posted by Laurie Weicher at 11:00 AM
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