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Theologians traffic in propositions, statements we make about God that we argue are either true or not.  Jesus, however, trafficked in stories.  Rather than making truth claims that are true or false, stories shape our how we think about ourselves. " Yes," we say, "that resonates with who I am, with what I understand to be true."   

Because we're Presbyterians and love to love God with our minds, we are often drawn to the proposition model of faith.  Indeed, this is a necessary part of faith, for it is the critical thinking about faith that keeps us from living a shallow one.  Rarely, though, do we come to faith because of a well-reasoned argument.  Usually, it is because of a story.  When X happened, and I thought Y would surely follow, I was surprised by Z.  (For instance, when my mother got cancer, and I thought we'd be all lone to deal with it, I was surprised by how the church cared for us and really felt God was part of it.)  

In fact, I think it is when people can tell their own faith stories (rather than defend their theological beliefs) that people find themselves identifying more and more with the Christian faith.  We're not encouraged to tell these stories very often (there's a reason we invite people to make testimonials during advent!) nor do we often know how to tell the story.  

This is where we welcome in Geoffrey Berwind, storytelling consultant and trainer and member of Wayne Presbyterian.  Geoffrey has worked with people like NASA about how to tell their story, and over the next six weeks on Sunday mornings at 9:30, Geoffrey will be presenting a class at WPC about how you can tell your story.  

Here's a word from your pastor about it:  PLEASE ATTEND!  YOU WILL LOVE THIS CLASS!

To give you a little taste, here's a podcast I did with him earlier this year.  

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