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Statement of Faith

We do a lot of awesome things every year in youth ministry, but one of my favorite events every year is the Confirmation Retreat.  One of the things that excites me most about the retreat is when the youth write their statements of faith.  It is so moving to listen to youth talk about their journey of faith, and to hear them say what they believe.  There is something so powerful about hearing people put to words what they believe about God, and how they have seen God work in their own lives. 

I think the most powerful tool all Christians have to tell others about God is their own story.  I personally love looking at the evidence of God in the world, and evidence that Christ is who he says he is, but I know very few people who came to believe in Christ because they were convinced by this evidence.  Trying to win someone to Christ by proving them wrong is often futile.  When people come to believe in Christ, often it is a person’s testimony that is the most convincing.  When a person can attest to how they have experienced God in his or her own life, it helps others see there is a God, and this same God cares for us.

It is so amazing and humbling that God chooses to use us to be witnesses to the good news of Christ and the Kingdom of God.  If you have ever had an opportunity to share this with others, you know this first hand.  So, if you see any of our Confirmands in the coming weeks, ask to hear their testimony, and encourage them to share it with others.  Let’s all help them see the blessings that come from sharing the goodness of God.  ~Andrew

Posted by Andrew Hostetter at 6:30 AM
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