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Running with 40,000 friends

On the front page of the Wayne Press, I told you about my goal to run the Broad Street Run, a ten mile race (I use that term loosely since I came in 33,201st place).  I realized that once I was going to ask you to do something hard (launch The Common Place) that I needed to do something hard as well (run ten miles).  While I am the sort to wax philosophic (or way theologic, I suppose) about any number of things, I haven’t yet been able to do so about running. 

What I think about running is this:  it’s hard—and it hurts.   

What I think about runners is something else entirely though:  they’re amazing.   

About eight miles into my run on Sunday, while I was taking a short walk break, another runner fell in beside me.  She stopped for a moment and said, “We’re going to do this,” gave me a high five and was off again. 

I saw kids and octogenarians, people in slings, people who ran in costume (I saw a Thor, a Dunkin Donuts coffee, and a Philly Phanatic), and people who were running for a host of charities and non-profits.   

They reminded me of you, another group of amazing people, all who are willing to work toward a common goal (whether it is The Common Place or making Wayne Presbyterian the most awesome place you can imagine).  Many of you stop running for a moment to offer others encouragement.  And all of you work together, kids and octogenarians, people who serve a number of different ministries and fill all sorts of roles.  

It’s no wonder I felt at home among those runners.  They were just like you—amazing people doing something hard. Thank you!

-- Lewis (Casey) Thompson

Posted by Casey Thompson at 3:02 PM
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