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Retire TO something and not just FROM something

The first course I took in seminary was called “The Spiritual, Emotional and Psychological Impact of Aging.”  I remember one of the first things Dr. Schreck emphasized was that each of us needed to retire TO something, not just FROM something. 

Many of us look forward to retirement with a sigh of relief;   ahhhhh… more 5 am alarms, no more racing from one appointment to the next, no more meeting after meeting after meeting;  no more never getting everything done……but after a few ‘free’ weeks of delightfully doing nothing, we wonder, “Now what?” 

A recent Adult Education class on Spiritual Gifts revealed that many senior adults would love to give back to the church, using their professional skills and abilities in new ways, but they have no idea what those ‘new ways’ might be.

Spiritual Gifts, given by the Spirit of God for the building up of the body of Christ, are unique to each individual.  They are different than our professional gifts because of their purpose….they are spiritual rather than professional.   But they may be related.

If you were a contractor prior to retirement, perhaps you can help the youth with set design for their Christmas play through your spiritual gift of craftsmanship.    If you were a college professor, but have never ‘walked through the Bible,’ perhaps you can offer to teach a Bible 101 class, learning yourself as you teach others.  If you were an accountant and a CPA, maybe you can step forward as a Steward, counting the offering after worship. Or you could offer to ‘do’ the books for one of our local mission partners whose finances are in dismal disarray.

If you have always loved to cook for your family, trying new recipes or new ingredients for old favorites, but are now an empty nester, perhaps you could volunteer to bake casseroles for our Deacon ministry which delivers dinners to the homebound, new parents, and those recovering from surgery.

A retired dentist could volunteer his or her time to the underserved Southwest section of our city, to assure the children there optimal oral health.  As a nurse you could offer your services to the church’s teens troubled by the conflicting demands of ‘safe dating’ today. 

From time to time we publish a ‘Stuff Needed/Help Wanted’ column in our monthly newsletter.  Consider using one of your former hobbies to respond to those wants and needs.  Our Hammers with Heart ministry offers those who painted, photographed, knitted or gardened for fun, the opportunity to renovate homes, hospitals and schools.

One of our retirees offered his technical skills to update the church database with zip plus four codes, to make our mailings more accurate.  Another, with strong administrative skills, prepared a database of ‘household’ projects on our church property that could be done in a few hours during a ‘Saturday of Service.’

Posted by Anne Clark Duncan at 11:30 AM
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