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Reflection on How the World Views Beauty!

Many times in this day and age young people look in the mirror and see flaws that many people do not see.  What they don’t realize is that those people they are comparing themselves to also have similar insecurities, because of what media has told us is beautiful.  In fact, it seems that most people, in varying degrees, are not happy with the way they were made.  Since joining the youth ministry here at WPC, I have noticed that one of the hardest things our youth today cannot accept is that they are fearfully and wonderfully made. 

In Psalm 139 it says, that we are loved just the way we are.  God created us while we were in the womb; he knew our size, eye color, and hair color.  He made each of us beautiful.  The world says we need to change ourselves to be more lovable.  Our youth are faced with a world that is obsessed with the anti-aging product lines, plastic surgery, and even Groupon has jumped on the band wagon with drastic beauty deals. 

Recently Dove® has come out with a video that tries to help change women’s minds on their own appearance. In a world where the media is constantly dictating how we should look, and as someone who works with young people, seeing these videos that were created by a very powerful beauty line gives me hope for our future generations.  It is hard to convince youth who are faced with such peer pressure that they are beautiful and that God created them that way.  This video and more recently many others are conveying that you do not need to conform to somebody else's image of being beautiful, but only ask God for ears to hear His delight in your creation.  So watch the video and be reminded that you are a very beautiful and  special creation of God. 

Posted by Sarah Hostetter at 7:30 AM
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