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Our Windows

More than once in the last few weeks, someone has asked me about the stained glass windows in our sanctuary.  I have to admit, I know very little about these beautiful and old and significant windows.  Sure, I see them every week, sometimes several times a week, but they’ve almost become background to me at this point.

You may  not know it, but we have a great document that explains the twelve windows in our sanctuary.  Some of them highlight specific Bible characters, some of them have really neat little details, and some of them make bold theological statements.

I walked through the sanctuary this morning with this information sheet about the windows, trying to learn just a bit about the windows for the next time someone asked me something about them.   I was struck by the window at the back of the sanctuary, the one that can be seen on Lancaster Avenue.In the center of the window we find Christ, scars on his hand and on his feet clearly visible.  He has just risen from the dead and stands atop the tomb.  To the left you see Peter and Mary Magdalene, followers of Jesus and those who bore witness to the resurrection.  On the right we have Cleopas, to whom Jesus appeared on the road to Emmaus and Thomas, often called “doubting Thomas.”  

The figures are beautiful and all, but there are two really cool things that make this window stick out to me.  The first is that above each figure you’ll see a scene from an urban city (this may be hard to see, so check it out next time you're in the sanctuary).   When we see this, I think we’re supposed to be reminded both that Jesus lived in the world and knew the pain and the hurt that the world contained.  I think it’s also a message to us as people living not far from Philadelphia, that Christ calls us into the city, to bear witness to the Good News of the Gospel.  

The second thing that sticks out to me about this window, is in the document about the windows.  It says, “One the angel appears, emphasizing the fact that Christ is no longer resident in the tomb.  This is the message of hope we have to offer those who worship in our sanctuary as well as to those passing by on Lancaster Avenue.”  I love that clear statement of our purpose.  We are called to preach and live the good news that Jesus is risen indeed.  We are called to share the good news, speak the hopeful news that death does not have the last word.  We are called to live life as though we are confident that Jesus is both our Lord and our Savior.  

May God help us do just that in our sanctuary and in the world.  


Posted by Laurie Weicher at 11:30 AM
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