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One Book, One Church: The Other Wes Moore

We are proud to announce our inaugural One Book, One Church Selection: The Other Wes Moore.  You can buy your copy on Sunday in the connector for a discounted price, or in my office during the week.  I loved what Janice Mack, our Adult Education chair said on Sunday about the One Book, One Church initiative and wanted to share it with you.  Happy Reading!

Reading can shape, stretch and challenge who we are and how we think of the world around us.  It allows us to shed our class, gender, ethnicity and time to walk in the shoes of another.  Books have made me laugh, cry, yell in frustration and celebrate a success that I almost forgot wasn’t actually mine.  If you can’t tell, I love to read and I love books! I treasure my books like old friends.  For some women it's shoes, for me it's stories! 

I have always been in few different book clubs at a time and love the rich conversations that can come from discussing a particularly good book and sometimes even a bad one!    There are times when a book makes me stop in my tracks and I think, “I have to learn more about that!”  There have been books that when I finished, I rushed them right over to a friend's house and waited impatiently for them to read so we could discuss!

Several years ago, my home town of Lincoln, NE started One Book, One City.  My mom would send me the book and we would talk about it during our afternoon phone calls.  I loved the idea of a whole community coming together around one book.  I became inspired with the idea of Wayne Presbyterian having its own One Book, One Church!  Through Adult Education, I have seen how friendships are started and relationship strengthened when people participate in more than just worship.  After lots of reading, by lots of people, we are so excited to announce WP’s first One Book, One Church selection, The Other Wes Moore.  

Part memoir, part biography, this book is the story of two boys, with the same name, who’s lives start out in similar circumstances in a run down neighborhood in Baltimore.   One gets a fortunate second chance that leads to Valley Forge Military Academy here in Wayne and eventually a Rhode’s Scholarship, while the other continues down a path that leads to a life sentence for murder.  The stories of these boys pulled me right into their world of urban poverty, street corner culture, dreams of mothers, second chances and inescapable consequences.   The Other Wes Moore is a New York Times bestseller and has been used by many communities, colleges and churches to bring people together.  

This is more then just a book club!  It is chance to grow in our faith and strengthen our church.Reading was something my mom and I could do that brought us closer together, even though we lived far apart.  One Book, One Church gives us the opportunity to come together as a faith community.  I would encourage you to read this book with your spouse, parents, your teenagers, maybe even a neighbor or friend.  

Starting in mid February we will have discussions, speakers and presentations to enrich our understanding of the book, but also our connection to one another.  These events will be Sunday mornings and a few evenings, pick one or two or come to them all!  But for now all you have to do is read!

Thanks, Janice.



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