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My Holy Week Playlist

This past weekend, I was with a half dozen youth at the Acquire the Fire youth conference.  It basically was a day and a half of heart-felt worship, dynamic speakers, and engaging skits.  It really was an amazing experience, which I hope to do again next year with some youth.

This experience really got me thinking about the power in worship.  On Saturday night, I had the most moving worship experience of my life.  We were in a big stadium in NJ, with thousands of other people praising God.  Somehow, through singing these words, with so many other believers around me, we all encountered the Spirit of God powerfully.  After about 30 minutes, the worship leaders stopped singing and playing, and the next speaker came out to start speaking, but we all kept singing.  Everyone just wanted to continue worshipping.  So they started playing again.  Honestly, it felt like for those brief minutes, we got a glimpse of what heaven was like: being surrounded by people just pouring out their hearts to God in worship.

I think that there is something special about worshiping God through music.  I think there are lots of ways, good ways, maybe even better ways, to worship God: reading Scripture, caring for people who go un-noticed, sharing your faith, etc.  But there is something very powerful about singing praises to God.  As I was singing those songs over and over, the words began to sink into my heart, and I began to really understand, with my heart, what they meant, which brought me into even deeper worship of God. 

Because of this, I want to share with you all some songs that have been particularly meaningful throughout my spiritual journey.  These songs are all ones that I think are particularly good to sing and ponder over Holy Week.  

As we approach Easter Day, may these songs help you meet God and ready your heart to worship our risen LORD.



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