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Marriage Preparation

Preparation for a wedding  can be costly in countless ways: the purchase of a dress and tux; the choice of a florist, a photographer, a videographer and a band or disc jockey;  decisions about china patterns and cutlery; venues for the ceremony, reception and honeymoon. ….

But preparation for the marriage  is even more complex.  What should you do to prepare your relationship for the rest of your life?  This is a question many couples neglect in the midst of wedding preparation.

At Wayne Presbyterian we provide all engaged couples with marriage preparation in the areas of communication, conflict resolution, partner style and habits, financial management, leisure activities, sexual expectations, family and friends, relationship roles and ‘rules,’ and the practice of faith.

Have you considered, for instance, whether you have any difficulty expressing your thoughts and feelings, or find it difficult to ask for what you want from your partner?

Do you have sufficient self-confidence and self-esteem to voice what you most want from your marriage relationship?

Are you willing – and able – to confront issues directly, or do you tend to avoid conflict, leaving unresolved issues to fester over time?

Do you feel your partner is dominant, controlling or interested in managing your life, or do you share equally in decision-making?

What stress do you have in your life?  Lack of time for yourself?  For your fiancé? Are you overwhelmed by wedding planning?  Do you fear you have too much debt? Do you lack sufficient sleep or exercise?  Do you come from different faith traditions and wonder where, how or if you’ll ever find a common ground? Is your job demanding right now and your days at work overlong?

How much alone time does each of you need?  Are you both satisfied with the amount of together-time you have, or are you still more connected with family members and friends than you are with one another?

Each of these questions deserves thoughtful consideration, even in the midst of choosing flowers and china patterns…..BEFORE you’re married so that, when you’re married, your relationship will be rich and rewarding, you’ll have fun together, and your love for one another will grow deeper each day.

Consider joining others at the church in one of our twice-a-year weekend premarital seminars, or meeting with one of our pastors for premarital counseling at the time you do your wedding planning.



Posted by Anne Clark Duncan at 1:00 PM
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