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Lent, Day 40

A friend recently shared this with me and it seems like a good fit for this Holy Saturday.  It comes from the book, Good News in Bad Times by John Lozano, who works in campus ministry at Villanova.  

"It was "a great stone" (Matthew 27:60) that they put before the tomb of Jesus.  The obstacles to faith are large indeed, and we all know this because we all have them. Often our obstacles seem insurmountable and other people can only help so much in removing them.  In the final analysis, it is God alone who removes all that stands in the way of faith.  Indeed, when the women arrived at the tomb, "the stone, which was very large, had already been rolled back" (Mark 16:4). Our journey of faith is to go to the tomb, to go to Jesus, with all our doubts, questions, problems, concerns, religious issues, personal agendas, fears, hurts, anger, insecurity, betrayals, and feelings of loneliness- and bring it all to him.  Even when Christ seems so very far away from us; even when he seems dead.  Our task is not to worry about how to move the stone; rather, our task is just to go to the tomb in faith, because faith is about movement, it is about going to God no matter what.  God will remove the very large stones that get in our way.  We, in turn, are called to sit in silence, to present ourselves before the crucified Christ, bringing with us all that we are, just as we are." (p. 162)

We all have those very large stones in our faith, but we trust in the one who died for us, and the one who was raised for us.  He is the one who knows about all those stones, offers to move them for us, and loves us in the midst of them.  May we take heart in that...and celebrate the miracle of the resurrection tomrorow morning.  


Posted by Laurie Weicher at 6:00 AM
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