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Lent, Day 38

Today is Maundy Thursday, the day of Holy Week when we remember Christ's last supper.  Many churches, like ours, also have a tenebrae service in which we read the crucifixion story as the lights slowly go to darkness.  It's a powerful service and I hope you'll join us for our service tonight at 7:30pm.

Walter Brueggemann wrote this prayer for Maundy Thursday.

The Pivot of Hope

This day of dread and betrayal and denial
causes a pause in our busyness.
Who would have thought that you would take
this eighth son of Jesse
to become the pivot of hope in our ancient memory?
Who would have thought that you would take
this uncredentialed
Galilean rabbi
to become the pivot of newness in the world?
Who would have thought that you-
God of gods and Lord of lords-
woul dfasten on such small, innocuous agents
whom the world scorns
to turn creation toward your newness?
As we are dazzled,
give us the freedom to resituate our lives in modest,
uncredentialed, vulnerable places.
We ask for freedom and courage to move out from our nicely
arranged patterns of security
into dangerous places of newness where we fear to go.
Cross us by the cross, that we may be Easter marked. Amen.


Posted by Laurie Weicher at 6:00 AM
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