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Lent, Day 29

Last week Casey and I were at the NEXT Church conference in Chicago.  They used some wonderful liturgy in worship though out the conference.  You'll likely see a lot of it this week, including this prayer, used as a call to worship.  It is by Ted Loder and is found in the book,  Guerrillas of Grace.

Praise from all Creatures, Laughters and List Makers.

Praise be to you, O God, who spins shining stars across the wondrous heavens and stretches out the sea,

Who lives the dawn into place and sets boundaries for night,

Who awes the earth with storms and gentles it with green,

Who gives everything a season and breathes life and love into dust of me.

Praise in all things, for all things:

The soft slant of sunlight, the sweat of labor,

A song in the wilderness, the evening breeze,

The deep breath, the tended wound,

Mercy, quietness, a friend;

For the miracles of the daily and the mysteries of the eternal. Praise be to you.

Praise from all creatures, 

Laughters and list makers,

Wonderers and worriers,

Poets and plodders and prophets,

The wrinkled and the newborn,

The whale and the worm,

From all and from me and from us.  Praise, Praise be to you for amazing grace.

Posted by Laurie Weicher at 6:00 AM
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