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Lent, Day 24

Part of our invitation during the season of Lent is to be reflective.  We are called to look within ourselves to see both the ways we fall short of living as God intends, and to see where God is in our lives.  Wayne Muller wrote a book called, A life of being, having and doing enough,  that has been a wonderful resource for me.  He says this about reflecting on who we are and where we are:

For if we do allow ourselves to simply sit quietly with ourselves, we may soon find that we experience feelings of some quietly festering pain or forgotten wound; we may feel more acutely the depth and texture of our weary or even our broken heart, truly taste the poignant sting of tears aching to be shed.  In stillness, we may touch with excruciating intimacy the inner landscape of our more tender feelings, which have been so long hidden away.

There is much we could discuss within this quote, but I hope you'll note that it begins with stillness.  During this season of Lent, I hope you find time to be still, to really sit with God and let God into that inner landscape that we try so hard to keep hidden.  The other is that if you reflect on who and where you are and find some of those hard feelings or festering pain, please know that the church is here for you, to meet you where you are, to walk with you during hard times, to offer hope in the midst of pain.  

May you feel God's abiding presence with you this day and this season.

Posted by Laurie Weicher at 6:00 AM
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