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Lent 4.7

Nadia Bolz-Weber speaks a great deal about transformation.  More specifically she speaks over and over about the ways that God resurrects us, creates life where there was only death or pain or hurt.  She is awesome and I love these words about Easter. 

"God was never about making me spiffy; God was about making me new. 

New doesn't look like perfect.  Like the Easter story itself, new is often messy.  New looks like recovering alcoholics.  New looks like reconciliation between family members who don't actually deserve it.  New looks like every time I manage to admit I was wrong and every time I manage to not mention when I'm right.  New looks like every fresh start and every act of forgiveness and every moment of letting go of what we thought we couldn't live without and then somehow living with it anyway.  New is the thing we never saw coming- never even hoped for- but ends up being what we needed all along.

God simply keeps reaching down into the dirt of humanity and resurrecting us from the graves we dig for ourselves through our violence, our lives, our selfishness, our arrogance, and our addictions.  And God keeps loving us back to life over and over again.

Posted by Laurie Weicher at 6:00 AM
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