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Lent 4.4

Here are some words by Walter Brueggemann in his new Lenten book, A Way Other Than Our Own.

The long history of faith, with all the saints, is the story of walking into the future given by God.  Lent is a time for sorting this out.  Populer Lent is too much preoccupied with guilt and repentance.  But not here.  Lent is rather seeing how to take steps into God's future so that we are no longer defined by what is past and no longer distracted by what we have treasured or feared about the present.  Lent is for embracing the baby given to old people; resurrection to new life in Easter; and the offer of a new world made by God from nothing.

...It turns out that the world teems with verification, concerning babies born from barren ones, lives that have surged in the midst of death, hurts that have been healed, estrangements that have been reconciled, enslavements that have turned to freedom: all around us, particular, concrete, specific, for people like us.

So imagine, in this Lenten season, moving beyond treasured pasts, moving beyond precious present tense arrangements to new God-given prospects.

God is at work in big and small ways all around us.  God is inviting us to be transformed, remade, shaped into deeper wholeness.  

Posted by Laurie Weicher at 6:00 AM
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