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Lent 4.14

The community Good Friday service is at WPC today at noon if you'd like to join us. 

On this saddest of days, these words of poetry still me and scare me a little.  And I think that is ok today.

Friday by Hannah Faith Notess

Maybe the prisoner's mother
did't block her ears against
the swinging whip, the dragging
chain, the buzz of voltage
that set off fireworks in the brain.
Maybe she has strength to hold

his body one more time, once 
it is finished.  And maybe the body
is a darkness into which we must
keep looking.  But there is more
pain already on this earth
than most of us can bear.

Why should we look
upon the same splayed form
so often that we notice only
how bony his knees are
in one painting, how 
taut the skin of his pierced side

in another?  Take him down
and let his mother hold him.
Let him be buried, let
the story's pages turn.  And when
the earth splits, when the veil
is torn, when the dead stumble

dazed from tombs, trailing
their moldy bandages behind them,
let the thunderclap announce
that agony flows only outward
from broken blood vesses,
no longer settling in the soul.

Posted by Laurie Weicher at 6:00 AM
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