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Lent 3.31

One of the ways we find silence is through rest, through sabbath.  Taking time to be silent and to rest is essential to our life and our life of faith.  In the book, Present over Perfect (which I LOVE) Shauna Niequist talks about this desire we may feel for sabbath or silence or rest.

What I ache for these days is space, silence, stillness.  Sabbath.  I want to clear away space and noise and things to do and things to manage.  I want less of everything.  Less stuff.  Less rushing.  Less proving and pushing.  Less hustle.  Less snapping at my kids so that they'll get themselves into the car faster so we can go buy more stuff that we're going to throw away.  Less consumption.  Less feeling like my mind is fragmented and my stomach is bloated and my life is out of control.

I sure resonate with that.   She desires less of so much so that she can have more of what gives her life and rest and reminds her that she is God's beloved, that she is loved and chosen.  I hope I, and I hope you, take some time to listen to what you want less of and what God may be inviting you to seek more of.

Lent is a time to seek God's presence and to dwell with God there.
Posted by Laurie Weicher at 6:00 AM
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