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Lent 3.29

Here is a prayer for silence that a friend shared with me.  I hope it speaks to you as well.

Prayer of Silence


The wise tell us that God abides
in silence—
that God speaks in the silent serenity
of the heart.
Let us not speak of silence;
rather, let silence speak to us
of God.

Let us enter, through the door of serenity,
the silence of our heart.

The chatter of our fears, our angers, our anxiety
—the chatter of our desires and curiosity,
of our projected plans and unfinished work
—falls away in serenity
and makes space
an open space,
for a new heart,
created in the silence of prayer,
created in the prayer of silence …

a heart that is free,
peaceful, quiet and calm;
a heart that is one …

a heart so large and wide
that it embraces the God of all
and the all of God,
the God who in silence speaks all languages,
the God who in silence speaks in all creatures,
the God who in silence speaks one word,
the God who speaks of love.

1987 The Benedictine Foundation of the State of Vermont, Inc.



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