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Justification of Retreats

Retreats are such a great way to specifically target a group of people, and provide a powerful experience that can help us to relate to one another and God.  This past weekend we took a bunch of middle school youth to Camp Ichthus, one of my favorite camps in the Poconos, because of it is a local oasis that provides an amazing backdrop to slow down, and listen to what the Lord has to share with us.  The weekend was great for so many reasons.  Not only was this a great opportunity to mentor the youth in their relationship with Christ, it was also a weekend filled with games, team work, and time to fellowship and get to know each other better.  During this weekend I can honestly say that our middle school youth walked away with new vibrant friendships and personal discoveries about who they are, and what God thinks of them. 

Retreats give them a place that they can come and be themselves; they do not have to be someone they are not, or try and impress their neighbor, because it is a weekend of encountering, and revelation.  The love, and encouragement, the strong relationships that they bring home, and the smiles we see when they leave are irreplaceable.  One youth came up to me and said to me, “Sarah, my favorite part of this trip is the time that we can spend alone in devotions with God.  Can you ask Andrew if we can have an additional 20 minutes tomorrow morning?  I will wake up earlier, if need be!”  This is an example of why, even though retreats are time consuming, Andrew and I think they are so imperative in the development of the Youth’s spiritual life.  

Retreats overall are ideal not only for youth, but adults, and families to get away from the demanding lives we have back home.   When the vision of the weekend is just merely to be uplifting and heartfelt, many times most people come home with some sense of empowerment.  Through being a part of a group of believer’s for an entire weekend without technology, computers, emails, etc., we are able to depend more on those surrounding us as we come together as one body, one family of Christ.  Many times you do not know most of the people who are there, and you are able to get to know and listen to those, whom you may not otherwise share, laugh, or cry with. 

So the next time you hear about the women’s or men's retreats, or conferences that our church holds, take the time to ask God if this is a weekend you should attend.

Posted by Sarah Hostetter at 6:00 AM
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