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I've been thinking

…about PRAYER.  It started as an everyday, run-of-the-mill resource review.  I was previewing a curriculum for children’s ministry entitled “Praying in COLOR ~Kids’ Edition” by Sybil MacBeth.  I was drawn to the concept of colorful prayer out of a renewed desire for children to know, experience and express themselves to God in creative and multi-dimensional ways.  “Praying in COLOR” seemed to hit the mark at several levels.   

Imagine my surprise.  There I was, minding my own business, when it hit me!  This is NOT kids’ stuff…or certainly not just kids’ stuff.  Consider this list from the first section, Prayer Problems.  If I were going to honest with myself, and now with you, dear reader, I had to confess to most of these problems?  You feel antsy and fidgety when you try to be still and pray. You start to pray and fall asleep. You’re tired of the same old prayers you’ve said since pre-school. You wonder whether God is listening. You start to pray but realize you’re thinking about tomorrow’s soccer game, a friend’s sleepover, or homework. (Kids’ Edition, remember) 

Please, don’t panic.  This Children’s Ministry leader LOVES to pray.  I relish the time spent in conversation with God.  I celebrate God’s nearness that allows for a “being in God’s presence” that is life-giving to me.  I really can’t imagine NOT praying.  But I am a lousy ‘sit still and pray without ceasing’ kind of pray-er.  Perhaps this is why this resource stuck a chord.  The suggestion is made to pray WITH and WITHOUT words. Our WORDS make great prayers.  But WORDS don’t always seem to be there when we need them most.  They are sneaky.  WORDS play hide and seek.  Just when we’re searching for the ones we want, they go missing like socks under the bed.  On some days, “Thank you,” “Help,” “I’m sorry,” and “Please” are the only prayer words we can find.  Praying WITHOUT WORDS is another option.  But what do you DO if you’re not using words?  How do you pray for yourself and other people without words?  How do you get quiet and listen to what God might say?  

Or, as the writer of 1Kings 19:12 in the Bible might ask, “How do you hear the ‘still small voice’ or the ‘gentle whisper’ of God?” So, I’m going to try an experiment of Praying in Color…with sound…with movement.  I’m going to pay attention to God and listen… on the hiking trail, on the back porch, while I’m doing chores.  I’m going to consider that so much of what fills my days is prayer…it’s really a matter of focus.   "Lord, teach me to pray." 


Posted by Casey Thompson at 4:39 PM
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