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I've been thinking...

…about baptism.  We’ve had quite a few of them around here lately.  Each one is precious and so very significant in the lives of the families who present their children.  They are also very special and significant moments in the life of this family of faith.  Parents make big promises, we make big promises, and even our children make big promises during baptism. (I love the questions to the children…”If they fall down will you help them up?  Will you teach them the words to Jesus Loves Me?, etc…) It is a remarkable moment to witness and participate in the baptism of babies or very young children.  It is a crystal clear reminder of God’s grace extending to us long before we even know God’s name.  It is not a dedication of what this child will ‘become’, but a celebration of who he or she IS…a unique, unrepeatable miracle of God!

Recently, there was a baptism in our worship that will remain a precious memory and reminder for me.  Pastor Casey was celebrating the sacrament for a little girl and her family.  She was not an infant, but was still a babe in arms, perhaps eight or nine months old.  As often happens, she was fascinated by the whole ‘water on the forehead’ part, never taking her eyes off of Casey’s face.  What happened next was the beautiful reminder to me.   As Casey began to pray for the little one and her family, she reached her hand into the baptismal font and began to play in the water!  Praise God, no one stopped her.  I was captivated.  Isn’t that what it’s all about? To glory in, rejoice in, and splash about in the wonder of our being claimed as a Child of God? 

May we all be washed over with a renewed sense of the significance of our baptism, and may we splash about in the joy of our salvation! 

Posted by Kelli Maravalli at 11:30 AM
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