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I've been thinking...

…about Easter and kids.  Easter is difficult in Children’s ministry.  It is the solid center of our story as Christians, and yet is a very difficult story to tell with integrity and candor to young children. 

Christmas is easier.  Who doesn’t love stories about babies and angels and gifts and sheep and stars?  Even with the complicated part about Pharaoh and the uncomfortable notion of Jesus being “born in a barn”, Christmas is fun to talk about with kids.

Easter is tough.  Soldiers, fighting, bullies, the cross, anguish, darkness, an earthquake, mob mentality…resurrection, uncommon appearances, an empty tomb.  Good luck with all of that!  Can we just skip this story and jump right to the post-resurrection appearances and the birth of the early church?  Even Paul in prison is easier that the Easter story.

Perhaps that is why we tend to gloss over Good Friday and head directly to Easter Sunday with kids. The cross is messy.  We don’t have a lot of ‘touch points’ for the notions of sacrificial love and grace that we can draw on to make sense of these things for kids.  Maybe Easter is simply not ‘age appropriate’ for children?  Dear God, I hope that isn’t true!!

So, what then can we say?  Above all else, let’s tell the truth to the children.  Let’s be sure to tell it all the way to Easter Sunday, but let’s not be afraid to tell them the Good Friday truth as well.  The cross is part of the story, and although the depth of its meaning is far too complex for children to grasp, the truth of God’s amazing love and grace hinges on it.  Jesus lived and died and lives again.  The glorious and ‘gory’ details can be filled in over time as children grow, but I pray God continues to give us the words and the courage to tell the whole Story in all of its Truth and Beauty. 

Posted by Kelli Maravalli at 12:00 PM
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4/10/2013 at 07:40 PM by Barbara Cresswell

No one said it would be easy! Totally concur... have to tell the part about Jesus on the cross .... and a some of the why... and that he died for us - to save us. Not sure each little child needs to see Gibson's The Passion yet....but yes... all key steps... need to be told...first simply to wee ones...the layering in more details with each passing year ...or group. I'm with you. There is a reason Easter morning is so so glorious - Hallelujah! And it's glory and shine cannot be so great without the darkness of Good Friday. Thank you, Kelli!

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