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I've been thinking...

…about the measure of success in Children’s Ministry. How do we know if we are hitting the mark? Is it attendance records? Is it teacher satisfaction? Is it happy kids who don’t fight about going to church? Is it children who sit quietly in church and don’t disrupt the worship? There are so many lofty goals. How do we decide which ones are worthy?

I wrestle with these ‘marching orders’ as I seek to guide and direct our ministry with and for the children and families of Wayne Presbyterian Church. It is so easy to fall into the numbers trap and worry most about the attendance count. Of course, if the children aren’t coming to Sunday school we definitely aren’t ‘doing our job’, but it is so much more than ‘just showing up’.

Connie Suto always helped us to remember that “Belonging Comes Before Believing”.
I am certain that one of our primary goals is to create a space for our children that is welcoming and nurturing, a place where they feel loved and challenged, a place where they belong! It is here that our children will:
learn to know and trust in Jesus,
begin to treasure the Word,
and embrace their valuable place in the Kingdom of God.

For where I sit, this is the measure of success…that our children experience and know that they truly belong. On this foundation can be built a lifetime of believing.
May God give us all we need in order to embrace and celebrate the children in our midst.

Posted by Kelli Maravalli at 2:42 PM
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