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I've Been Thinking...

…about the scripture…”from the lips of children and infants, Lord, you have called forth praise”.  Matthew 21: 16 

What is it about children singing?  Something about the sweet sounds of little ones making music blesses my heart like nothing else.  I am moved by the music, but the marvel to me is the mechanics of young children carrying a tune, memorizing lyrics, matching a pitch, tapping out a rhythm, keeping a tempo.  It is amazing when adults pull it all together, but when children make music it is miraculous to me. 

It was with a sense of awe that I watched the children sing in the choir concert last Sunday evening.  I found myself talking to God about how delightful it must be to watch and hear the praises He had ‘called forth’. I imagined the smile on God’s face.  I wondered if this was what God had in mind when we were created to praise and worship. 

Why “from the lips of children and infants”?  In other places in scripture we are ALL reminded to sing and celebrate to the glory of God.  Why in Matthew 21 (and Psalm 8) is it all about the children?  I have an idea…  I think it is because children can so often be the antidote to sadness.  It is really difficult to be ‘down in the dumps’ when there are children around, especially if they are singing.  Psalm 8 goes so far as to suggest that the praises of children “establish a stronghold against your enemies”. (Psalm 8:2)  So, these sweet singing children in our midst are one of our best weapons against anything that would try to bring us down. 

Thank you, little ones, for lifting our hearts and our spirits, and for the glorious smile on God’s face when you sing. 

~Kelli Maravalli, Director of Children’s Ministry

Posted by Andrew Hostetter at 1:00 PM
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