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I’ve been thinking……

...about why “Children Matter”.  This is the title of a book that the Children’s Ministry committee will be exploring over the next several months (probably more like a year).  The subtitle “Celebrating Their Place in the Church, Family, and Community” sets us up for a conversation that will be deep and wide.  I’m intrigued by the question, ‘why do kids matter?’  Of course, they are adorable and winsome and delightful, but they are also confounding and time consuming and serious game-changers in our adult lives.  Why do we invest so much time, energy, money, creativity, and emotion into these little people?  What is it about children?    

Pressing in to this question led me to a book by P.D. James. The Children of Men is a futuristic novel which portrays life in a society in which the human race has lost the ability to have children.  It is a chilling look at the death of hope and joy and morality as the “reason” to be good and right is removed from the system.  When there is no need to leave things better for those who come behind us, the community slowly loses its moral core.  The existence of any community is dependent on each new generation of children.    

So, children do matter…a lot!  They hold a critical place in society, a central place in our church, a tender place in our hearts and lives, but most importantly they are the apple of God’s eye.  Scripture is full of images of God’s enormous love and value of children.  We are given a sacred trust when we are given children to nurture, whether as parents or as a church family.      

May God give us all we need to do all that is required of us. And, as in most things, it is in the pouring out that we will be filled! --Kelli

Posted by Casey Thompson at 11:15 AM
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