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        When I asked the question to our youth this past week about what it means to be Holy, one of our very bright youth replied with, “Sacred and not human”.  I had a very long explanation prepared to give of why we are not Holy, but how we should strive to become more Holy like Christ, but he beat me to it in just four words.  I chose holiness to help prepare their hearts and minds for this year of service and love to our Wayne neighbors, Southwest neighbors, Broad Street neighbors, and many others that they may impact this year.  I decided to teach this lesson at youth group, because although simple, it made a huge impact in my life. The following lesson is a lesson that I received at Palmer Seminary, in my Spiritual Formation Class.

        During my own lesson our professor painted the picture of Holiness beautifully.  She asked us to think of our dream job, whether it be a job that seems possible, or one that you just purely have a passion for.  She then asked us to record what the characteristics might require, for you to obtain this job.  For example: Compassion, Strength, Love, etc.  When we came up with our list, she challenged us to look at the list, and think of this as our foundation for holiness and what we should aspire to be.  She encouraged us to read this list each morning, and have this be our job description as a follower of Jesus Christ.

         As our youth were doing this activity we started out by listening to our theme song for the year: “Tyrone Wells, And the Birds Sing”, while they thought about their dream job.  When they finished the required pieces of the exercise we came back together and conversed.                

         Since this was an individual activity, I did not force our youth to share the words they came up with, but one of our young ladies voluntarily shared the characteristic, “courageous”.  Because, I knew she would be open to sharing, and I was interested in what job would require courage, I asked her what her dream job was.  She shared willingly, that her dream job would be to travel the world and essentially reduce suffering in third world countries, such as helping to develop clean water systems out in rural parts of Africa (she gave many examples).  Each day I spend with our youth, I see God at work.  This is proof that are youth are not just the future of the church, but they are the church now. 

         What could this world be like if we challenged ourselves, to do this very simple activity, and strive to bring sunshine into someone's life today?    

Posted by Sarah Hostetter at 6:00 AM
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