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Glorified Child Care

It’s that time again.  Vacation Bible School registration forms have been sent out and the mail brings a new handful of VBSer’s every day.  At the rate we are going, this will be a ‘gold banner’ year for my favorite week of the summer.  

This is also the time of year when someone will likely point out to me… “You do realize that these people are just using you for inexpensive babysitting, don’t you? It’s just glorified child care, isn’t it?” To this I say a hearty….AMEN!  What could be better than caring for children to the glory of God?  Why are we on this corner if not to open our doors, our lives, and the Word of God to the children of this church family and community? 

I am not unaware that there are parents who look for opportunities to drop their children at welcoming churches for a variety of programs and reasons.  I know VBS fills a few hours each day of the long weeks of summer.  Some may not be in the market for the ‘most glorious’ Bible School, but just the one(s) that fit the summer schedule.  I’m not fooled.  I get it.  And I am completely fine with it!!

Actually, I’m more than fine with it.  I rejoice in it!  This is what I know… even now, a small army of folks are thinking and praying about VBS week.  We are planning and preparing to make June 23-27 an exceptional week…to the glory of God and the delight for well over 200 children.  We are making ready to tell stories, create masterpieces, sing and dance, make new friends, and rejoice with great enthusiasm.  AND…by the end of VBS this summer, there will be an awful lot of children singing the Scriptures at the pool and in the car and on vacation.  Artistic creations will adorn refrigerators and windowsills all over the nearby neighborhoods.  Children and families will have sweet memories of the love, fellowship and care we shared with them for one precious week in June.  

Glorified Child Care??  Absolutely and YES, PLEASE!   May we do everything we do to the glory of God.  Let the sweet children come, regardless of the reason, and may we lavish love and joy on them…even if it is for just one glorious week in June.                                                 

~Kelli Maravalli, Director of Children’s Ministry

Posted by Andrew Hostetter at 7:00 AM
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