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Five People

When I worked with youth, I would often remind parents of a study that found that youth needed at least five adult in their lives to remind them that they were good enough, were loved, and were cared for.  I’m now convinced that this need doesn’t end with adolescence.  Adults need those five people too, need that support system that reminds them that they are good enough, that they are loved, that they are cared for.   

 I am blessed by a group of five people who make up my prayer team.  We had dinner last night to celebrate the anniversary of my ordination, and it was a blast.  For a good number of years now, they have been those five people who regularly pray for me, who pray for my husband and my son, who pray for the various struggles that I encounter in ministry, and who are willing to walk with me through life’s challenges.  

It’s not just clergy who need these five people.  We all do.  In fact, I think that’s part of what the church is called to do and be.  The church is that group that nurtures, that protects and prays, that walks with folks during the good and bad times.  The church is called, as Paul said, to bear one another’s burdens.  By the waters of baptism, we are made brothers and sisters with one another, joined together as part of God’s family.   

 So who are your five people?  Who are the people who mark anniversaries- birthdays or wedding anniversaries or years sober- with you?  Who are the people who pray for you- not just when your niece is in the hospital, or when you’re looking for a job, but regularly?  Who are the people who remind you of God’s love for you and theirs too?  Who are your five people? 

And for whom can you be one of those people too? 


Posted by Laurie Weicher at 11:00 AM
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