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Day 32, Lent

Barbara Brown Taylor was once called the best preacher in America.  She is that, and is also a fantastic writer.  Each time I read an article or book or sermon by her, it stirs something in me.  The words below about who Jesus is and the ways he invites us to a life lived fully in the presence of God remind me that in this season of Lent, the focus is not on us- on what we give up or take on or how we pray- but on God who is always inviting us to deeper relationship and deeper trust.

The  child  became  a  man  and  the  man  became  a  preacher whose  sermons  were  full of  commonplace  things: seeds and nets, coins and fishes, lilies of the field, and birds of the air.  Wherever he was, he had a knack for looking around him and weaving what he saw into his sermons, whether it was sparrows for sale in the marketplace, laborers lining up for their pay, or a woman glimpsed through a doorway kneading her family’s bread . . . . “The kingdom of heaven is like this,” he said over and over again, comparing things they knew about with something they knew nothing about and all of the sudden what they knew had cracks in it, cracks they had never noticed before, through which they glimpsed bright and sometimes frightening new realities. . . .Every created thing was fraught with divine possibility; wasn’t that what he was telling them?  Every ho-hum detail of their days was a bread crumb leading them into the presence of God, if they would just pick up the trail and follow.


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