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Day 24, Lent

I've used one of Edward Hays's Psalms already this Lent, but really enjoyed this one as well.  Here is his Lenten Psalm of Longing

I thank you, O God,
for the warming of the winds
that brings a melting of the snow,
for daylight hours that daily grow longer
and richer in the aroma of hope.
Spring lingers beneath the horizon
as approaching echoes of Easter
ring in my ears.
I lift up my heart to you, Beloved,
in this season of Lent
that gently sweeps across my sluggish and sleeping heart,
awakening me
to a deeper love for you.
May the wind of the Spirit
that drove Jesus into the desert,
into the furnace of prayer,
also drive with me a passion
during this Lenten season
to enkindle the fire of my devotion
in the desert of Lenten love.
Birds above, on migratory wings,
signal me to an inner migration,
 a message that draws me homeward bound
on Spirit's wings
to the heart of my Beloved.
May I earnestly use this Lenten season
to answer the inner urge
to return. 


Posted by Laurie Weicher at 6:00 AM
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