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Day 2, Advent

Ann Weems is sometimes called the poet laureate of the Presbyterian Church.  In this poem, The Decree, she calls us as individuals and as a body, to have courage to come to God.

The Decree

And in these days a decree goes out to all the world,
     for these are taxing times.
We are called again to go to Bethlehem,
     no matter the state of our health or our world.
We come, obedient and faithful,
     for we have heard the message,
        we have dreamed the dream
           that God will come to dwell among us.
We come, expectant with joy,
     pregnant with expectation,
        for God has done great things for us.
We come searching for a sign;
     bearing our gifts, we come.
We come, called from the silent hillsides of our hearts,
     startled and frightened by the magnitude of light,
        we huddle together toward Bethlehem.
We come, one by one,
     and yet, as one,
        dancing into the Promise. 

Posted by Laurie Weicher at 6:00 AM
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