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Day 19, Advent

Columbia Seminary thoughtful creates an Advent devotion that they send to alumni or donors.  It's been a wonderful companion for me this year.  One of the devotions is by Dr. Rebecca F. Spurrier, Associate Dean for Worship life and Assistant Professor of Worship.  I hope you enjoy this as I did.  It is based on Luke 1:46-55

Luke 1 recounts the meeting of two women to whom God has paid special attention.  They are family, and they have received remarkable, difficult news about the children they will bear.  When Mary, the younger, was visited by an angel, she accepted her mission from God with a brief question and a few humble words.  Yet in this passage, with the blessing of Elizabeth, her elder, Mary boldly proclaims God's favor to her and bears witness to the material weight of God's mercy.

Her speech becomes one of the most celebrated in all of Christian liturgy.  Known as the Magnificat, Mary's words are recited daily in many churches around the world.  When mary sang her song of liberation, she joined her voice withher foremother Hannah in 1 Samuel 2.  When we lift our voices to God through this anctient hymn, we join Christian ancestors throughout all generations who have anticipated the long arc of God's mercy.  Can you hear them singing?

But listen- you will hear that the mercy of which they sing is no easy blessing!  Mary's vision requires reversals that would shake our world to its core.  Drawing attention to her own lowliness, Mary points to a persistent pattern in God's mercy; The hungry are fed; the poor are lifted up.  The rich experience emptiness; the powerful lose status. 

Mary's radical song requires courage of us who would welcome a world turned upside down.  How can we, like Mary, bear witness to this strang mercy of God? In the hope of Mary and Elizabeth, may we be blessed with boldness to work for a wold where the oppressed sing songs of liberation and where each of us has a part to play in God's plan to favor those who are poor.  

Posted by Laurie Weicher at 6:00 AM
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