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Confirmation Youth and Service to the Community

This past weekend we took the 8th graders on a confirmation retreat.  As they were working on their faith statements, many of the youth were asking me how they should write the last part of their faith statements, which details how they will live out their beliefs.  I told the youth that one of the most important parts of your statement of faith is how you plan to serve the church and your community, after you make this vast step to begin your faith journey.  I told them that this Church represents God, and we are called as servants and disciples to love and serve others.  We then constructed plausible and achievable service opportunities, for them to commit to after they are confirmed.  When I arrived back from our Retreat, I began to search for other opportunities and ways to get our youth involved, not just for one Saturday a month, but consistently throughout the year.  When you go on retreats like this, you see the vigor and energy these youth have.  They want to serve; they are just waiting to seize the opportunity.

As I became more interested in other opportunities the Presbyterian Church provides for mission, I happened upon the Presbyterian mission website.  Many articles began to pop up; one Article that specifically jumped out to me was the EF-5 series of tornadoes that tore through Joplin Missouri last year.  Not only has the Presbyterian Disaster Relief Assistance joined in the helping of the initial attacks, they went back a year later to participate in the, “4 Mile Walk of Unity”. .  What a blessing it is to see the amount of service that our church community offers in time of tragedy and pain.  This is such a testimony to our young people in the church, to watch congregational members joining hands with other people who are suffering in different parts of the world.  If we showed our youth the level of service that is offered, there would be no stopping them.  They have more passion and hunger, that unfortunately as we get older, we tend to lose with the hustle and bustle of real jobs, families and time restraints. 

A few years ago when I first started working here, I was an intern in Children’s Ministry with Kelli Maravalli.  My first placement was in the 5th Grade Girls Sunday School class.  Now, these girls are 8th graders, who will soon be graduating and coming up to high school.  What a blessing it was to see these 8th graders this weekend all grown up, and yearning to serve others with immense energy and enthusiasm while spreading the good news of the Gospel.  They are truly inspiring, and I am thankful to be a part of this incredible ministry at Wayne Presbyterian Church.

Thank you to all of the confirmation mentors and individual prayers from the congregation for this past weekend, we certainly felt them.  Our next generation is taking ownership of faith and following in the footprints of the many heroic people serving this church today. 

Posted by Sarah Hostetter at 1:00 PM
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