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Online Academy: Confirmation for the Rest of Us

Laurie and I hatched a plan six months ago to develop a number of online courses for the good people of Wayne Presbyterian church who were unable to attend traditional Sunday morning Adult Education.  For some of you, it's because you're teaching our children at the same hour.  For some, it's because you don't drive anymore and must rely on someone else to bring you.  For some, it's because you travel so often that a four-week course always turned into an incoherent two-week course.  The reasons are numerous.  The often came unprompted along with this phrase, "I'd really like to go to that class, but..."

We understand.  Our lives get hectic too.  Our schedules flit around too.  (I, for instance, have managed to attend exactly one adult education class I wasn't teaching since I've been here.)  We want to help.  

Introducing Confirmation for the Rest of Us, an online class that parallels one of the greatest classes we teach each year, the confirmation class our 8th graders take that teaches them the basics of the Christian faith.  In this class, you'll take a similar journey, one pitched at adults however.  You'll hear seminary professors talk about some of their favorite topics, pastors from Wayne delve into theology, local and national pastors talk about some of their areas of interest, and elders from Wayne do the same.  

You can do this at home in front of your computer, from your smartphone, walking around the neighborhood, driving in traffic, on the treadmill, anywhere.  Each lesson is about 20 minutes of audio.

For instance, Steve Boyer, professor of theology at Eastern University,  discusses the mystery of the Trinity in the second lesson:

There are 26 lessons overall (in 33 podcasts--some are divided into parts 1 and 2).  You can find our new online academy here--which will guide you to the different available podcasts and bios of the presenters.  If you prefer all of them at once, you can find them here sans bios.  I hope you enjoy!


Posted by Casey Thompson at 12:30 PM
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9/12/2013 at 03:26 PM by Charis

What a fabulous idea! Blessings to you for this ministry. I am anxious to learn how this outreach bears fruit.

9/12/2013 at 08:52 PM by Bob Braxton

Enjoy seeing how much work you (all) are putting into this on-line. New Member in Washington, D.C., the New York Avenue Presbyterian.

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