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Closing the One Book

This is from Janice Mack, chair of the Adult Education Committee:

Well, it is time to close the book on The Other Wes Moore.  It has been a labor of love to see an idea grow and take root in our church community.  Probably the main hope of this project was to encourage friendships between members and I know that I have deepened friendships and found new ones.

Sometimes stories create more questions then answers.  Hopefully, we touched on some of the questions you might have had, from mentoring, urban public and private education, the redemption of citizens that were incarcerated and the importance of community and family - even nontraditional ones.  We had over 130 different people participate in at least one event!  Which is amazing!  But what really put me over the moon was that, we sold over 220 books!  That is a lot of people who committed to being part of larger conversation in the church!  There were people who were unable to attend a class, but I know they shared the book with friends, family or co-workers and talked about these questions and the work that our church is beginning in The Common Place.  How exciting to be able to talk about your church outside of church!


A thought that I kept coming back to is the presences of the other in this story.  Who are the others in our community?  The gang member, the drug dealer, the unwed parent, the rebellious teenager, the addict, the poor, the uneducated, the depressed, the hopeless?  Havent we all felt like the other at one point or another in our lives?  But even the worst decisions we make dont necessarily remove us from the circle of humanity (Wes Moore, pg xiii). Wes Moore, the author, sheds light on the importance that we need to reach-out to these people.  Who were the others in Jesus time, the tax collector, the prostitute, the leper, the disabled, the non Jew, the Roman solider?  They did not gain Jesus status, wealth or power, but they were who he choose to help and associate with.  Jesus still calls us to those who have been forgotten and abandoned.  They not only live down in Philadelphia, but also in our community, our neighborhood and even our homes.  Who are the others in you life that God is asking you to invest in?



Janice Mack

Posted by Laurie Weicher at 9:30 AM
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