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closeness vs distance

I just got back from the Breakaway Retreat this weekend.  It was an awesome time.  The weather was just perfect on Saturday to be out in the woods in the fall, and it was great catching up with people that I don’t rub shoulders with often.  I have to say though that our speaker, Dr. Steve Treat of the Council for Relationships was awesome and might have been the highlight of the retreat.  

Yesterday morning in the worship reflection, Dr. Treat shared with us a key concept in relationships that really resonated with me.  He said that in our relationships with other people we are constantly faced with the choosing closeness or distance.  Certainly we learned a lot of more technical stuff throughout the weekend, but this I thought really summed up everything he had to say.  Are my words or actions, or lack thereof, choosing closeness or distance with the individuals in my life?  He pointed out when we look in Scripture, we see that God always chose closeness with us, even, I might add, when we least deserved it. 

I was thinking more about this, and I think that often people, especially introverts, can equate choosing closeness with abandoning your own needs.  We all know people who give, and give and give, and don’t care for their own selves (I fall in this category sometimes as well).  It seems like sometimes you either need to care for yourself or for others.  However, I don’t believe this is true that they can or should be mutually exclusive.  I have found that when I am truly taking care of myself, and giving myself what I need (not necessarily what I want though), I am better equipped to love others.  So in a sense, we to choose between closeness and distance with ourselves.

So I wanted to leave you with this same question today: in your interactions with people today, especially your loved ones, will you chose closeness or distance?  In your relationship with yourself, will you choose closeness or distance?

If you want to hear more from Dr. Treat, check out this Ted talk on peerage:


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