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All Girls Youth Conference

I was recently blessed to be able to spend my weekend with some incredible young ladies.  We started with a girls sleep over on Friday night.  Then early Saturday morning with our stomachs filled with donuts, we attended the Revolve Tour at Sharon Baptist Church.   

The Revolve Tour is a girls’ youth conference that was started by the Women of Faith Conference.  This conference helps girls learn more about Christ through speakers, worship, and entertainment.  The theme for this weekend was, “This is Love!”  The main message of the weekend was teaching the girls what real love is, and how they can find that in Jesus Christ.  Along with this very important message, the girls were able to step into the shoes of our speakers as they shared stories about being bullied, losing their identity to a boy, and overcoming eating disorders.  These issues are ones that our girls face on a daily basis.  We spent our day laughing together, singing together, and most certainly crying together.   

I am amazed each day as I watch these girls slowly turn into women.  The maturity and love they share with each other is awe-inspiring, and I hope you were able to grasp a little bit of what we experienced this weekend through this clip.   These girls listened to many stories that they were able to take away, and relate to their own lives.  Could sharing your story bring hope to someone in your life? 

Sarah Hostetter

Posted by Sarah Hostetter at 12:05 AM
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