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Advent, Day 21

Tomorrow in worship we'll sing the hymn, "Of the Father's Love Begotten."  This is the first verse of the hymn:

Of the Father’s love begotten
ere the worlds began to be, 
he is Alpha and Omega — 
he the source, the ending he, 
of the things that are, that have been, 
and that future years shall see 
evermore and evermore.

I am grateful this day for the reminder that the one whose birth we are about to celebrate is not just a baby born int he manger, but the one who was present from the beginning.  The Word made flesh was the Word present with God the Father and the Spirit who created all that was, is and ever will be.  

Blessings on your day and happy singing tomorrow!

Posted by Laurie Weicher at 7:00 AM
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