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A Greek Reflection of Saturday of Service

As I have been preparing for my first seminary course, Greek, I have been seeking the wisdom of my fellow cohorts who have already completed seminary.  We talked about why Greek is so important, and why learning it can help you slow down and really dig deep into the New Testament.  Through my excitement, because of my love for language and its originality, I was brought back to reality once I realized it is an intensive Greek class.  Casey’s response to intensive Greek was, “Learning Greek is like eating a gallon of ice cream.  It's wonderful at the beginning and nauseating at the end." This statement is coming from someone who loved Greek, and taught it.   

I then decided it is time for me to “intensively” study before my class begins.  To my surprise my Uncle just happened to write a book translating the compilation of the four Gospels, chronologically from Greek to English, to gain a better understanding of Christ.  My uncle John is a missionary and Greek New Testament Professor at Tokyo Baptist Theological Seminary.  He wrote this text to help us gain extensive knowledge of Jesus’ life and teachings, so that we can better know him in our own experiences here on earth.     

As I was reading this text I began to ponder how on earth this class could relate to the ministry I am doing right now.  As I began reading with this mindset, I found myself drawn towards a scripture in the beginning of the text that the book centers around, “The person who makes their home in my word is truly my disciple,” John 8:31.  I began thinking about us here at Wayne Presbyterian Church, how are we as a church studying the word, and making it real in our lives today.  It then continues; to imitate Christ, “We must go through the process of learning about him in his word, and then adjust ourselves to conform to his examples, commands, values, attitudes, and characters.”  

This past Saturday we participated in a clear representation of what we as a church, are called to do.  We decided to, like Jesus, go into the city and volunteer on a project that will ultimately better a South West Philadelphia neighborhood.  Although, the initial thought to those participating may not have been, “I am being a disciple of Christ, I am conforming to Jesus’ examples, commands, values, attitudes, and character,” it was an act that shows God that we are a representation of him.  We are going out into the world and spreading the Gospel through service, love, and humility.  Yes, clearing out a garden may not seem like a heroic deed, but to the people that would clap when they walked by, or the people that stopped to help because they saw what message we were giving, or even the people that asked, “how can we get involved in this”?  They saw that heroic character and attitude that came from somewhere bigger, this innate God-like spirit pouring out like a wild fire.  Through the Saturday of Service, I saw youth that could have been hanging out with friends, I saw adults that could have been resting from their long weeks, and the people of South West Philadelphia that stopped to help when they had many things on their agenda as well.  These volunteers are a true representation of what it means to take God’s living word, and adjust themselves to conform to his examples.  I saw the church showing God’s love through acts of service and love.  

“The person who continues to make their home in my word is truly my disciple.  And the person who has my commands and makes a practice of obeying them is someone who truly loves me.”  John 14:23  

Posted by Sarah Hostetter at 10:00 AM
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