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A colorful table

It’s Tuesday on the second week I’m serving as one of the recreation leaders for the Montreat Youth Conference in Montreat, NC.  Last week we had over 800 high school students here for worship and small group discussion, recreation and singing.  This week the conference is the same, but youth from Wayne Presbyterian and Swarthmore Presbyterian are among the conferees. 

Maybe it’s the lack of sleep, but there is something about good recreation and play that helps me see the kingdom of God more clearly.  When good recreation happens, we are reminded that we are created in the image of God, that we are fearfully and wonderfully made.  When good recreation happens we are conscious of our bodies in good ways, reminded that they are strong and powerful and able to do amazing things.  When good recreation happens, it can lead to real and authentic conversation about who we are and who God is calling us to be. 

Today we had a color run.  High school conferees ran a course around Montreat and were doused with color several times as they ran the race.  At the end of the race they took pictures, delighted in how silly they all looked and had freezy pops.  While it may not have been the feast that Jesus intended, there was something about gathering around a table for freezy pops that reminded me that God loves us all, delights in each of us as God’s children, and calls us all to a new, truer way of being.  It was a really fun event and one that makes me glad to be a part of the church- God's colorful and unique and wonderful Church. 


Posted by Laurie Weicher at 3:00 PM
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7/31/2013 at 04:22 PM by Mary Owen

Hello Laurie, When reading this I was a little envious. It sounds as though you are having a great time and very inspiring. Great to be with young people and enjoying fellowship. Blessings, Mary Owen

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